California October 2022

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” — Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh Sometimes in life an opportunity so profound presents itself that despite fear, insecurity or debilitating uncertainty the only passage through it is forward. Allow me to share some relevant back story…a few years ago,Continue reading “California October 2022”

Georgia Gratitude Getaway-Birthday Week March 2022

Middle age-that is what 51 years old used to be defined as. Two long years of Covid has unfortunately accelerated the aging process to make this old gal feel shall I say “vintage”. A bit worn for the wear, yearning for a reboot, rejuvenation. A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase through the last 24Continue reading “Georgia Gratitude Getaway-Birthday Week March 2022”

Casatelli-Anderson St. Petersburg Sophisticated Sunset Soiree November 2021

This blog takes on a different focus and goal as travel for This Girl and Her Hubs has all but dried up. I will continue to find ways to use language filtered love. But, in the meantime I am living my best life documenting a beautiful wedding. This is my gift to you both-Mr. andContinue reading “Casatelli-Anderson St. Petersburg Sophisticated Sunset Soiree November 2021”

Bristol Bridal Bash-October 2021

Bristol Virginia/Tennessee October 14-16, 2021 Just a forward introduction on this Blog. This is not my usual account of A Girl, Her Hubs and A Suitcase. This entry is a wedding gift to my longtime friend Vicki, who married Rob in October. I combined journaling my experience in Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee with the wedding activities. However,Continue reading “Bristol Bridal Bash-October 2021”

South Dakota-Wyoming-Montana September 2021

EDELLSESCIPADES.COM-A GIRL, HER HUBS AND A SUITCASE TOP 10: 10.Downtown Custer, South Dakota-Baker’s Bakery 9. Sheridan Wyoming-The Historic Sheridan Inn 8.Whitefish Trail, Whitefish, Montana-Hike  7.Two Medicine East Glacier, Montana-Hike 6.Fairy Falls Hike/Old Faithful/Grand Canyon of Yellowstone 5.Moss Mansion-Billings, Montana 4.Black Hills, South Dakota 3.Great Falls, Montana-Guitar Adventure 2.Sunday Gulch Trail-Custer, South Dakota-Hike 1.The Road toContinue reading “South Dakota-Wyoming-Montana September 2021”

The Great Return- August 2021…

A Girl, Her Hubs and A Suitcase Well, its been a long time…18 months to be exact. A whole lot of nothin’ and everything occurred. I have one picture that summarizes my long absence. Here we go, Ready… As you may sadly recall, we forfeited Poland March 2020 trip due to Covid travel ban. ThisContinue reading “The Great Return- August 2021…”

Germany October 2019

Day 1 Frankfurt/Wurzburg Day 2 Wurzburg/Dinklesbuhl Day 3 Dinkelsbuhl/Nuremberg/Prichsenstadt Day 4 Prischsenstadt/ Bamberg Day 5 Prischsenstadt/Schweinfurt/Nuremberg Day 6 Prischsenstadt/Erfurt/Neuhausen Day 7 Neuhausen/Dresden Day 8 Neuhaussen/Meissen/Leipzig Day 9 Leipzig/Berlin Day 10 Berlin Day 11 Berlin/Home Day 1 Frankfurt/Wurzburg Guten Tag from your one and only Frau and Herr and der Koffer- welcome to the German editionContinue reading “Germany October 2019”

Argentina March 2019

Argentina March 2019 Top 10 Highlights  *In Sequential Order: Hotel in Buenos Aries-AQ Tailored Suites Tigres Day Trip/ Boat Ride Rigoletto Opera at Teatre Colon Telmo Street Market Nano Stern Concert Bike Ride in Buenos Aires Selvajie Lodge in Iguazu Iguazu Falls Day Trip Horseback Ride in Iguazu The Argentinian People/Food/Culture Day 1 Buenos Aires, ArgentinaContinue reading “Argentina March 2019”

Alafia Ragnar December 2018

A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase They said do a Ragnar, it will be fun…. And so- This girl did indeed do a Ragnar. Sans Hubs and a Suitcase- instead a tent, a sleeping bag and an overpriced, pristine, impractical Vera Bradley bag (because when I think rugged, outdoor living-that’s exactly the vessel IContinue reading “Alafia Ragnar December 2018”

Thanksgiving 2018 South Carolina *Special Trail Run Edition*

Through the years, A Girl, Her Hubs & a Suitcase have traversed the world conquering bucket list adventures and spectacular once in a lifetime experiences. But, in this unique edition of Edellsescipades- the focus is much more personal and centers on an internal accomplishment that I wish to share with my followers. A road tripContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2018 South Carolina *Special Trail Run Edition*”

Paris/Normandy September 2018

Paris/Normandy September 2018   Day 1 Paris As summer turns to autumn, the days progressively grow shorter, kids go back to school, flu season resurrects its ugly head and tall boots get zealously back in the wardrobe rotation- this must mean one thing and one thing only- It’s time for A Girl and Her Hubs toContinue reading “Paris/Normandy September 2018”

Kenya, Africa March 2018

  Kenya, Africa Nairobi/Aberdare National Park March 2018 Day 1 Jambo and rambunctious Swahili salutations from the foreign continent of Africa- where A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase are residing for the next 6 days.  A rather spirited and slightly psychotic traveling mania overtook this pair and after much preparation, violated by Typhoid andContinue reading “Kenya, Africa March 2018”

Copenhagen/Hamburg September 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark September 2017 A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase This travel blog has provided me with a much needed outlet and means for creativity since its inception many trips ago. But, in full transparency, my life has drastically changed for the better-due to a 140+ pound weight loss over the past year.  MuchContinue reading “Copenhagen/Hamburg September 2017”

Tubing On Rainbow River June 2017

Torture vs. Treat Every square inch of my body is screaming holy sunburn. My muscles feel like I ran a marathon. I’m emotionally depleted & exhausted. So, here’s the deal… let this be a cautionary tale. Tubing down a lovely Florida river. Our place of choice- Thousands of people do it all summer. IContinue reading “Tubing On Rainbow River June 2017”

Los Angeles-California November 2016

Los Angeles, California Trip Report November 2016 Greetings from the sunny Golden state of California. A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase are keeping it local in the USA for this short weekend excursion.  Los Angeles, our home base for this quick getaway has been on the wish list for a long time. Exceptional airfareContinue reading “Los Angeles-California November 2016”

Istanbul Turkey March 2016

Istanbul, Turkey March 2016 Trip Report Day 1 Greetings from the mighty land of Istanbul, former home of the Ottoman and Roman Empires- a unique city on the Bosphorus Sea that straddles two continents-Europe and Asia. The planning and preparations that took place prior to embarking on this journey were exhausting and concerning-canceled flights, worriedContinue reading “Istanbul Turkey March 2016”

The Seeman’s Wedding Extravaganza

Wedding Blog Waiting for my niece to get married entailed a countdown, much buildup, and the false hopes and crushed dreams of a potential flower girl possibility. I was a close contender but alas, plus size gals born 4 decades ago do not fit the bill for a summer wedding these days. Once the despairContinue reading “The Seeman’s Wedding Extravaganza”

Cooperstown-Connecticut June 2015

A Girl, Her Hubs and a Suitcase June 5, 2015 Day 1 Well, howdy and a rousing “how ya doin’?” from this former Jersey girl, slightly out of her element in Upstate New York. This trip was originated quite organically around the wedding of my dear niece Nancy. I had several items on my bucketContinue reading “Cooperstown-Connecticut June 2015”

Krakow-Poland March 2014

Greetings from Krakow, Poland Trip Report March 2014 Hello friends from deep in the Eastern block of Europe. After 24 hrs. of travel, a minor airplane malfunction and an impromptu hotel switch- here we are! Arriving dreary in a valium induced hangover- brought on by airplane anxiety, Krakow greeted us with an overcast sky andContinue reading “Krakow-Poland March 2014”

Belgium October 2013

Belgium October 2013      Day 1 Gent Grab your favorite Belgium beer, pull up a chair and join me for Day One of  our Belgium Extravaganza. We arrived here today after an absolutely flawless and uneventful flight on Jet airlines. I highly recommend this Indian Airline. They could not have been friendlier and more efficient. We pickedContinue reading “Belgium October 2013”